FABA ladder

FABA ladder


FABA Climbing protection systems enable fall protected use of fixed vertical ladders/manhole steps, such as those found in or on
• towers, stacks, high storage tanks, bridge piers, masts, antenna masts, machines and operating facilities
• high shelf storage spaces and industrial plants, buildings and facades
• pits, mines as well as water and waste-water basins.


Operating principle

The user to be secured wears a harness with fall arresting device attached to it. This device travels inside a fixed guide rail. In the event of a fall, the
arresting device locks within the rail to prevent an accident

Guided fall arrest

FABA fall prevention device AL-D With shock absorber. For use without backward traction.



FABA fall prevention device AL-R Without shock absorber. For use with backward traction.

This system is used for limited free space behind the climber (also for laterally mounted rails).









Thanks to its fall prevention device (guided fall arrester), the climbing protection system allows secure ascent and descent to any height or depth. FABA offers the only fall arrest system on the market with an enclosed glide roller system. In this system, the rollers of the fall prevention device (shuttle) travel inside the rail. The result is optimal compensation of local constructive tolerances as well as consistently smooth running of the shuttle at all times. Ultimately, this translates into the elimination of detrimental friction losses. This fact is corroborated by all the professionals using this system on a daily basis. The range of easy to install systems comprises a series of components which can be combined to provide a versatile solution whilst ensuring that all the requirements are fulfilled.

The key component of all the climbing protection systems is the FABA arresting device, also known as a guided fall arrestor. All systems conform to DIN 18799 parts 1 and 2, EN 353-1 and 89/686/EEC


• Available as complete ladder or as fall protection rail only
• In anodised aluminium
• Climbing protection profile dimensions: width 48 mm, height 65 mm
• Material thickness 3 mm
• Catchment spacing for the arresting device 70 mm
• Rung spacing 280 mm
• Max. support bracket distance 2,520 mm
• Fall prevention device also suitable for System A 12
• Also available as mobile, re-locatable system FABA anchor devices:

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