lanyards with energy absorbers

The Lanyard with a energy absorber is used as a connecting element between a fixed or mobile anchorage point and the attachment point on the harness. The energy absorber safely stops a fall from a height. Without a shock absorber a free fall of more than 50 cm can cause serious injuries.

The connectors are either steel (for budget models) or light alloy.Models with a safety catch are preferable: either automatic locking or double locking snap hook.
Connectors with a small opening are used for anchoring on rings, and connectors with a large opening for anchoring on structures or on scaffolding.

LCA 12 BB           LCAD 12 BBB        LCAD 12 41-41-4 


LCA 12 10-10       LCA 12 10-51         LCA 12 10-53

Lanyards rope w/ absorber         With 60 mm aluminium connector   With 50 mm steel connector


LCAD 12 10-10       LCAD 12 10-51         LCAD 12 10-53

Lanyards rope w/ absorber         With 60 mm aluminium connector   With 50 mm steel connector


The lanyard is made of :
- stranded polyamide rope, diameter 12 mm
- polyamide rope with braided sheath, diameter 11 mm
- polyester webbing, width 27 mm

Webbing is the most economical but may get cut on sharp corners. Stranded rope offers good value for money. For applications on building sites, rope with braided sheath offers considerably greater durability and good resistance to moisture.

Two lengths of lanyard are available: 1.5 m and 2 m, and the LCAR model has an integral device for adjusting its length.The choice of the length depends on the application but the height of fall increases the length of the lanyard required.

A single lanyard (one strand) is used when the user attaches it to a fixed or mobile anchorage point. A fork (double) lanyard must be used when the user moves from one anchor to another on the structure.

The energy absorber is the type in which the textile weft tears . It limits the shock to which the user is subjected in the event of a fall to less than 5 KN and will stop a 4 m free fall. Use with Harness EN 361; Anchorage device EN 795; Connector EN 362

Please read the users guide and technical sheet before use:

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Lanyards rope with absorber

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