Anchor points - permanent

Travsafe Permanent Anchor PA

- Aluminium anchor point
- Unpainted or painted
- Secured with M12 screw at 100mm intervals


- Stainless steel anchor point 316L
- Incorporated fall indicator
- Adapted for remote connection using a pole
- Secured using M12 screws


- With stainless steel anchor ring
- Galvanised steel
- Section : 80 mm
- Height : 500 mm

PAC 11

- Stainless steel anchor point
- Secured using UPM44CX chemical in concrete or solid masonry.


The ballsafe anchor point is made up of a four block plug and a female socket. It is sealed into concrete or a material of equal density using a chemical compound. The BALLSAFE anchoring point is designed for discrete, esthetic installation on architectural structures. It is also used on sites where the anchoring point must be mobile so that it does not interfere with operation of machines.

- Complies with Standard EN 795 A and B.

Roof anchor point - Galvanised or Stainless Steel

The TRACTEL roof anchor points are designed to support a ladder and attach fall prevention devices. They are secured directly into wooden roof trusses using annealed crampons or spikes. Complies with Standard EN795 A and EN517.

Wooden Roof truss anchoring device - Steel.

Complies with CE EN 795 class A

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Minifor - the portable hoist with
many applications

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The BASE MATE Easy Connect attaches to most,aluminum and wood ladders of any width and is excellent for use on uneven landings, or outdoors where the ground is uneven or rocky.