Lifelines and Anchor points - Tirsafe temporary lifeline


TIRSAFE™ is a temporary lifeline, easy and quick to install when there are two anchoring points offering sufficient support. It allows total freedom of horizontal movement.

The TIRSAFE™ temporary lifeline includes :

  • 1 anchoring point with TIRSAFE™ energy shock-absorber which ensures triple function of pre-tension indicator, energy shock-absorber indicator and fall indicator,
  • 1 TIRFOR® T3 cable winch,
  • 1 8.3 mm diameter, 20 metre long cable as standard,
  • 2 x 2 metre slings.

Read the user manual and technical data sheet before use:

The TIRSAFE™ temporary lifeline system is for use up to 3 people. Standards EN 795 B and EN 795 C.

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