Lifelines and Anchor points - Travsafe

Lifelines and Anchor points - Travsafe

The travsafe™ lifeline is an anchoring device equipped with horizontal flexible belaying supports that comply with EN 795-C.

With its two cables, the travsafe™ lifeline is the most effective on the market. It ensures perfect slider movement which glides effortlessly without manual intervention. The intermediary cable support posts are located at a maximum of every 15m.

Located on the ground or a supporting post, the travsafe™ lifeline enables its user to move to each side without changing the slider position. Due to its new Dual Material absorber rings, the travsafe™ lifeline dissipates the stresses generated in the cable during a fall.

The travsafe™ lifeline can be used by 5 people. It can be installed under a ceiling, on a wall or on the ground.

This lifeline has three types of sliders :

- Standard non-opening slider that is located at the ends

- Opening slider which is located anywhere on the line
- rollsafe slider which is located under the ceiling on the straight travsafe™ stainless steel lines.

For details, read the user manual:

Component parts for the Travsafe Lifeline system:

Cable: 8 mm diam. 19 x 1 for travsafe™ lifeline; Galvanised or Stainless Steel.

End anchors:                                 

For post: Stainless Steel w/ quick link               Other locations: Stainless Steel w/ quick link            

End anchor kit:

Aluminium or stainless steel including:
- 1 End anchor

- 2 shock-absorber rings
- 2 stop rings
- 2 red end pieces

Intermediate anchor: Aluminium or stainless steel intermediary anchor.

Turn anchor kit: Aluminium or stainless steel anchoring kit for turns:

This kit includes:
- 2 intermediary turning point anchors,
- 4 shock-absorber rings

Standard slider: Movable anchoring point; Matt stainless steel finish

Opening slider: Movable opening anchoring point; Matt stainless steel finish.

Rollsafe slider: Movable anchoring point sliding on the straight Travsafe™ lifelines on stainless steel cable installed under ceiling: Matt stainless steel finish.

Energy shock-absorber: Stainless steel with quick link.

Shock absorber connection kit:

Tension gauge: Stainless steel.                 Tensioner with sealing device


INRS Post: Galvanised steel;

Section: 70 mm; Height: 500 mm.                   Section: 120 x 120 x 5 mm; Height : 500 mm


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