Temporary Suspended Platforms

Hoistech works exclusively with TRACTEL® to provide the best solutions for your temporary suspended platform needs.

For examples of temporary working platforms in specific work environments please click on the logos below.

Lightweight and compact, made out of aluminium alloy, TRACTEL® platforms can be divided into two families:

  • Powered platforms (hoist on the platform).
  • Working cradles without hoist

ALTA L/S; and  SOLO platforms allow numerous applications. They can be combined with Monorail installations, Venus or Viper roof cars or with Davits.

Working Cradles without hoist ( for Luna, Mars, Jupiter, Saturne, Mustang, Scorpio )

One man work seats: SUBITO & SOLSIT

Special cradles for recessed facades.

Jibs and Parapet clamps: Suspension Jibs

Hoists: Mechanised and Manual

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Minifor - the portable hoist with
many applications

Capital Safety product catalogue in PDF

For Capital Safety on-line catalogue click here           

The BASE MATE Easy Connect attaches to most,aluminum and wood ladders of any width and is excellent for use on uneven landings, or outdoors where the ground is uneven or rocky.