Hoistech is proud to represent TRACTEL®. Established in 1941  TRACTEL® has developed over the past 70 years into one of the World's leading manufacturers of products for the Materials Handling, Suspended Access and Height Safety.

Height Safety:

The TRACTEL® line provides harnesses, belts, mechanical fall arresters, lifelines and anchor points: Stopfor™, Blocfor™, Derope™, Travsafe™, Travspring™, Travflex™, Tirsafe™.


Materials Handling:

Tirfor®, Minifor™, Tirak™, caRol™, Altotir™, Tralift™, Bravo™, Corso™, Blocmat™, Pioneer™, Hydrofor™, Pakrol™, Pal Turn™, Pal Beam™. TRACTEL® is a leading innovator in industrial dynamometers: Dynafor™, Handifor™, Dynasafe™, Dynaline, Dynarope & Dynaplug. In addition there are Customized solutions with TOPAL™ and CHARLET™ products.

Suspended Access:

TRACTEL® offers a wide range of applications for Buildings, Public Works, Conventional and Nuclear power stations, Bridges, Dams, Telecommunication,etc. the product range includes: Alta™, Tangor™, Skysafe™, Skybeam™, Portafix™, Omega, Tirak™, Scafor™, Tirfor®, Blocstop™.

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Minifor - the portable hoist with
many applications

Capital Safety product catalogue in PDF

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The BASE MATE Easy Connect attaches to most,aluminum and wood ladders of any width and is excellent for use on uneven landings, or outdoors where the ground is uneven or rocky.