Lifelines and Anchor points - Travspring

The travspring™ lifeline is an anchoring device fitted with a flexible horizontal belaying support that complies with Standard EN795 C.

This is a proximity lifeline where the user manually passes, without disconnecting, the intermediary cable supporting points. The cable supporting points should be installed at a maximum distance of 15 metres.

The travspring™ lifeline is designed for 5 users. Thanks to its INRS Patented energy shock- absorber, the travspring™ lifeline only produces a minimum impact on the end in the event of a fall.
All line parts are made out of stainless steel, with an 8 mm galvanised or stainless steel cable. The travspring™ lifeline can be installed on a wall or ground support or a stanchion.

For details, read the user manual:

Please click here to review the following component parts, shared with the Travsafe lifeline: End anchors; Energy shock absorbers; Cable; Posts; Tension gauge and Tensioner.

The following component parts are unique to the travspring.

Intermediary support: Material: Cupro-aluminum. Located every 15 m, this system enables the carabiner to pass without the user having to disconnect their Travspring™ lifeline.

Turn post kit

Turning point anchor kit - Stainless steel and brass

2 turning point anchors + guide tube

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